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The Ranch



   Developer Ranch is a network of developers for a variety of tasks. 

Based in the good ol' USA and headquartered on a working cattle
ranch in South Dakota, we offer a variety of solutions in  Website,
Graphic Design, Database construction, Document Storage, Video Editing, and DVD creation. 

   We have journeyman, advanced and certified developer, and we are capable of meeting your budget and your most complex development
needs. This model allows us to adjust pricing or features and
yet meet your budget. 


   Our concept is not new. The construction industry has had ‘associations’ between contractors and sub-contractors for years, but this approach is fairly new to the developer community. Unlike many vendors, we only bid on projects which are well-suited for the tools and skills that we have mastered.

      Another unique aspect of our organization is the Design Document approach.  Outside of our basic sites, we typically outline in writing an overview of the tasks and challenges for a particular project.
Design Documents may contain estimates on the time/money or expectations of our staff and our clients.  Communicating our steps in development sets our clients at ease in knowing that we have a reliable plan to completing their project.

     We would be happy to host a webinar/conference, to demonstrate some of the capabilities from our previous projects mentioned above and other projects that might be applicable.  Using your high speed connection, we can send you an invite via email or over the phone which allows you to view our screen as we walk you through a variety of solutions to your project.  You may find that seeing more of the cutting edge, forward thinking concepts in our portfolio may also be useful to integrate into your project.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jared Schott

Website Building / Hosting / Maintenance
Design & Multimedia Services 
Database Building /Hosting / Maintenance   Document Storage Solutions                              
On line Training / Webinars
Project Management - Business and Technical
Business Analyst
Business/Technical Requirements Gathering
E-Commerce Sites and In-house help
B2B Implementations
EDI Programming, Implementation, Training, Integration
Bar Code solutions
POS (Point of Sale) Implementations, Changes, Updates
Light Bookkeeping
Business Organization - Getting started and need help with files, clients, books?  Let us help!
Administrative Support
Client/Customer Contact and Follow-up
Programming - Many languages, many platforms - Contact Us for details
PC and Mac/Apple Technical Support
PC and Mac/Apple Application Implementation and Training
ERP Programming, Support and Training
Presentations - Preperation, Slides, and presentation training and support
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