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.Billable Time Only
Accurate Estimates.
Design Documents that outlined the
entire process.
Dev Ranch Estimated the project cost and stayed well within my budget.  When it looked like we may go over budget they called me immediately to talk about the wishlist features i could live without.
Estimates / Billing


Typically your requests are not new to us.  We have many years of combined experience and while we can usually give a reasonably accurate quote, keep in mind those are only estimates used to keep us in the ballpark of your budget.  We primarily work based on “time taken” to complete a task at an hourly rate subject to the complexity of those said tasks.  But we have gotten pretty good at meeting those budgets and we pride ourselves in making sure you don’t run over budget.

Billing:  Developer Ranch exists because they love what they do.  With that said, they certainly cannot work for free.  But our mantra has always been to treat our clients fairly and try to cater to everyday clients without big development budgets. 

Billable Time: 

While we base our estimates on “time” there are many instances where an entry level developer may not be as familiar with a technique as our more advanced developers.  If a developer struggles with a task, we feel that our clients should not be billed for that time.  So in most cases will only invoice for the typical reasonable time it takes for those particular tasks. 

Design Document:  Another unique aspect of our organization is the Design Document approach.  Outside of our basic sites, we typically outline in writing an overview of the tasks and challenges for a particular project.

Design Documents may contain estimates on the time/money or expectations of our staff and our clients.  Communicating our steps in development sets our clients at ease in knowing that we have a reliable plan to completing their project.