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Track Clients / Customers.
Manage Phone #'s / Inventory / Photos .
Print mailing labels.
Fedex/UPS tracking.
Driving Directions to your customers.
Capture names/address/email from
your website.

What a great way to collect family, friends and customers on my PC and directly from my website with a really easy to use database where with any push of a button I can print mailing labels, print driving directions or even automatically dial their phone.

Database Creation:  Track all your inventory, clients, and contacts; track shipping and delivery, photos, maps to your client, mailing labels, phone numbers, and email.  We can also connect a database to your website, Why not let your customers to the all the data entry work for you. They simply enter the information on your site and instantly it appears inside your database.  Print mailing labels or send emails in real time.

We have used Filemaker Pro since the start of the "dot com" boom and bust.  We used it for an inexpensive shopping cart when the only other alternatives cost tens of thousands.  Filemaker continually takes home the awards for EASE OF USE / Peoples Choice / Most Powerful.
The word “database” sends fear throughout most people. However, imagine tracking all your clients, correspondence and the paper associated with each, all in one easy to use, button driven program.  Almost all applications tote their ease of use, but in our custom Filemaker Pro databases we can MAKE a button for every task or navigation event.
Do you want to see your family’s new home?  A Google Map page or satellite view is just a click away.  Print Mailing labels or a personalized business letter to all your clients. Send, receive and store all your emails to and from a client.  Tasks, projects, calendars, and to do lists can also be incorporated directly into an application rather than multiple web or Microsoft apps.
If you dont have the budget to purchase the full version of Filemaker we can create an inexpensive runtime verison that will run independant of a software purchase with almost full capabilities.
We have many startup templates that we can show you or send for try outs. 
We have worked on Filemaker Pro databases for Dept of Ag / Giant pharm LILY / Legendary Buffalo Chip Sturgis Bike Rally / State of TN / Kodak / BIA Criminal Booking.
Our Booking database includes Biometric / Traditional fingprint storage, Docket and Bates number legal forms / Police Reports / Real Time Background Checks.
Just contact us for a quick webinar demonstration on line.