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Scan Your Entire filing cabinet onto CD/DVD.
Switch to paperless filing
Instantly Search for those documents by any typed
word on those pages.
.No more wasting time trying to find what you need
Mask Blemishes like three hole punch shadows .


I was able to scan , OCR (optical character recognize) and archive my entire filing cabinet to CD.  Instantly search and retrieve any of the paper files pull them up on your screen by any keyword on the page.  I can even stamp dates and names.

Digital File Management

Document Storage:  PDFWise (Acrosuite)

Scan n store/Search n Retrieve /Mask Blemishes/Merge / Manage / Bates Stamp


What would happen if all of the files in your filing cabinet were destroyed from the result of fire, flood or some other natural disaster?  Have you made copies and stored them in a fireproof safe?  PDFwise gives you the ability to scan and store all your paper and burn to CD/DVD.  In addition you are able to share any of your documents as a PDF, seamlessly through email and disk.  A quick Google search brings all relevant documents to your fingertips without rifling through a filing cabinet.   Utilizing OCR, (optical character recognition) those same documents can have all their typed words converted to searchable text, so that the same Google search can look for keywords throughout your documents.  Your computer can even read them to you.  But most importantly, your documents can all be stored in a fireproof safe on disk, safe and secure. 

PDFwise is used by the Secret Service, Congressional Budget, John Deere, Kodak, Verizon, and mom and pop small businesses all across the nation and abroad including New Zealand, and Great Britain, just to name a few.  Despite its high profile we have kept it's cost strategically low.  This is not a cumbersome solution, tied to complicated SQL database tables where an engineer from NASA is required to install.
* Acroscan from any twain scanner:
directly scan documents to file, an ftp server, email or to a printer with finishing options, and allows users to apply stamps.  Direct OCR and indexing features facilitate immediate storage and instant retrieval and conversion of existing libraries.
* Acromask's marquee capabilities easily mask out old page numbers, 3hp/GBC shadows or blemishes.
* Acrostamp allows page numbering / Bates Stamp,Numbering / Date stamps / Custom text stamps
* Acrosearch initiates a file search or a word search in either the current document or your entire network
* Acromerge combines multiple PDF documents into one.
* Acrobuild  submits multiple PDF documents with embedded job tickets as one job and can also
facilitate subset finishing on printers that do not have that capability.
* Acromanage lets you use Acrosuite your way. Customize your options to reflect your equipment and workflow.

Acrosuite is the only product that combines all of these functions and more into one manageable package
to enhance any printer's capability. No other single product can compete. A vendor would have to purchase all the other so-called competitors in order to achieve the same features -- and Acrosuite does it at less than five percent of the cost.
Click on this link to view a flash video overview of this amazing software.