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In addition to the Video Tutorials some of the
tricky or advanced teqniques can be seen
watching our screen.

Training can be completed simply by clicking on an invite


A Dev Ranch Wrangler emailed an invite and instantly I was able to watch their screen as they demonstrated the incredible capabilities of the software!

Webinars /Training:

 WEBINARS: Sometimes visualizing your project using examples from our portfolio is key to understanding and feeling confident that your project is in good hands.  We would be happy to host a webinar/conference, to demonstrate some of the capabilities from our previous projects mentioned above and other projects that might be applicable.  With a  high speed connection we can send you an invite via email or over the phone to allow you to view our screen as we walk you through a variety of solutions to your project.  You may find that seeing more of the cutting edge, forward thinking concepts in our portfolio may also be useful to integrate into your project.

INSTALlATIONS: There are times when you request that software be installed remotely, or your computer needs that added tweak to help your solution run at its optimum. We can eliminate travel costs by utilizing remote control software used by hundreds of computer companies like Best Buy Geek Squad and other tech support providers. 

TRAINING:  The premise of our solutions is “user friendliness”!  With that said, there are times when reviewing the many tutorials and help guides that we provide just doesn’t quite register. We recognize that some users are new to this computer world and sometimes they need a helping hand.  In those instances we offer training sessions to help you understand and comprehend your solution.