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Build And Edit Your Own Website .
.Let our knowledge and experience help
Add Pics/Videos/Text.
Family Photo Albums are a snap.
Add a shopping cart to sell your wares.
Securely transfer funds direct to your account.

I just learned how to use a computer but I built my own site using one of the hundreds of templates they have.  I could easily ad video, pics and text.  Then I asked them to add pay buttons so that I could sell my jewelery on line. Customers entered their credit cards securely with Google and the money went right into my account.  I can even collect mailing addresses and print labels.

Build/Edit Your Own Website


Our websites are unique in that a user can build their own website.  In addition they can perform their own edits of pictures, text, and videos all in a Microsoft Office Style Editor.  No need to pay a web developer every time there is a change on your site. Just log in and make the changes yourself.  We will customize your template or website headers with your company logo or photos in interactive animations or static form.   Video from a phone or digital camera can be posted directly to the Internet.  From a VCR tape we can add narration, music, photos to create a professional mini commercial also compatible with TV.  Add advanced payment features so customers can buy your wares with a secure swipe of a credit card.  In addition, we can connect an easy to use database or shopping cart to your site.  Changes to customers, inventory, tracking, or any other data is reflected instantly on your site.  Our websites are hosted on a dedicated server in a server RANCH with dedicated 24/7 monitoring of your website and cPanel server.  We tote a 99% uptime without ever having an outage. 



EXAMPLES: Below are some examples of sites that in many cases the client has designed themselves.  While some do not meet my standards as an art director, they are functional and the client is ecstatic in that they stayed within a low budget.  Another option is selecting from one of hundreds of prefabricated templates that fit your industry!



www.blockyourplate.com  (pay pal cart buttons)

http://travelingnurse.com/   (database backing)

TEMPLATES:  Here are a few of the Pre built templates that you have to select from that can be edited.

Or build your own  online to get a feel for RV’s powerful yet easy to  use interface.

PRICING: Below are some typical pricing scenarios to get your website up and running fast...

Some Representative Website Pricing Schedules:

$13 Domain Names:  Your own www.businessname.com
If you already have a website online, but aren't happy with your domain name, we can set one up for you easily, and it only costs $13 a year. Why spend more than you need to? Includes unlimited Email Addresses of any kind with your domain i.e... info@yourbusinessname.com

Hosting:  $9.99 / month $99/ year
If you already have a website, but need an affordable way to keep it online, this option is exactly what you need. 

$69 Single Centennial Sponsor Page:  Includes placement of your existing text, photos, and logo on the McLaughlin Centennial Celebration Website.

$99 Website: A simple, down-to-earth, template style website. This is for the budget minded consumer who wants a web presence but isn't concerned with all of the frills of large scale, high-budget website. These simple websites are guaranteed to impress, and no one will know they were so cheap!  


$189 Websites: These are slightly more in-depth than our $99 website, and use a bit more customization. With this option you get a five page website, with your existing logo, photos, and text. If five isn't enough, we can always add more for just $35 per page!


We have a huge library of templates and stock photos to select from.  The header art, and everything on your website can be modified to make each template unique, or you can just pick one and we’ll add your logo and content.  Templates and sites are unique in that these sites allow the client to change photo, text, and content on their own using a fairly simple wysywig (What You See is What You Get) editor similar to MS Word.  Clients don’t have to hire a developer every time they want to make simple changes.
In addition to web design, we offer a host of other solutions to help you get your business or project running and profitable!


Logo Design:  $39 - Give us an idea and we'll fly with it!

Photo Scans:   $4 / photo - Have pictures, but no idea how to get them into your computer? Just leave it to us.


Two minute Mini TV commercials (Such as those on www.schottranch.com showcasing your business can be created from your video camera footage, VCR tapes, or ours as long as a clear script is developed ahead of time and cutting/editing of the footage is clearly indicated.

Approx $150 depending on complexity.

Shopping Carts / Advanced Payment Options:  Shopping carts or Credit Card pay buttons to automatically handle all aspects of your products and wares for sale.  We'll enroll you in a Google Merchant or Paypal account for free, add in your desired payment options to give your customers the ability to click on and pay via credit card.  All transactions are then deposited instantly into your checking account. Users can shop with ease using names they know like PayPal and Google.


We include posting photos and descriptions, order processing, automatic credit card processing including an email with the packing list to be shipped to the client.

Approx $150 / $15/month for credit card processing service.

(There are less expensive and other options for this depending on budget and level of automation.)


Database linking ($ estimates only approx $95)

Collect names, addresses, emails into a database or Excel spread sheet for easy shipping labels and correspondence.